EDTECH Demonstrator Programme | News and Views


Below is just a small example of some of the praise given by a few of the 4,000 schools and colleges across England that the edtech demonstrator programme has already supported. 

Jamie Barry, Head Teacher of Yew Tree Primary School in Sandwell

Demonstrator: Pheasey Park Farm Primary School and Early Years Centre

Jamie Barry, Head Teacher of Yew Tree Primary School in Sandwell received support from Pheasey Park Farm during the first round of EdTech Demonstrator support and has signed up to continue working with Pheasey Training for the second round of the EdTech Demonstrator Programme.

All the staff at our school have been on the most incredible journey with the team at Pheasey Park Farm. They didn’t tell us what to do but worked with us to share and learn from their knowledge and experiences. Rather than ambling through our IT strategy, with the potential for making mistakes and poor investments, they supported us with the finer details of what we needed, including making our investments work for our students.

Executive Head Teacher, Clive Jones, University Wolverhampton MAT

Demonstrator: Pheasey Park Farm Primary School and Early Years Centre

During the pandemic, and the requirement for students to work from home, we decided to use the DfE EdTech Demonstrator Programme to support both of our Secondary Academies. The support, help and guidance was invaluable. We had keen and enthusiastic as well as knowledgeable staff but the extra support through Pheasey allowed us to access support as required. Perhaps what was most valuable to myself was that there was always someone available to help – to support in ideas, next steps, practical problems, developing clear vision. We are extremely grateful to colleagues at Pheasey who always helped and supported, they recognised that we had expertise and helped us to build on that for our students.

Manor Trust - Elliott Hateley B.Ed (Hons) L.L.E, Executive Headteacher of Hill Avenue Academy, part of the Manor Multi-Academy Trust

Demonstrator: Pheasey Park Farm Primary School and Early Years Centre

Pheasey was the perfect partner to significantly improve our edtech infrastructure; saving time and money. They are our champion in terms of ensuring we were given the time, knowledge and resources to make the necessary changes.

David Fitzsimmons, Assistant Head, Newbury Park Primary School

Demonstrator: Britannia Education Trust

The support and training provided by Luke / Britannia Ed has enabled our use of Google Workspace to improve teaching and learning; improve efficiency when working collaboratively and improve our digital literacy in a very short period of time. Bespoke training has enabled staff to develop their confidence with tech and we are now in a position where staff are being trained as Google Educators.

Julie Eyres, Head of School, Monken Hadley Primary

Demonstrator: Britannia Education Trust

For Monken Hadley, working with Britannia Trust to develop further the EdTech in our school has been very successful. It is personalised and adapted to meet the requirements of our school. Our support from Luke is flexible and practical, ensuring a bespoke program is being developed for us. The teachers are completely engaged, embracing each step of our digital journey - only possible with this support.

Opossum Federation

Demonstrator: Britannia Education Trust

The training was really useful. I have learnt a lot from all 3 sessions, and the trainer was very patient, helpful and reassuring. I felt confident to ask questions and for help when needed, and now feel much more up-skilled in using G suite and helping others to do so too. Thank you so much!”

Woodlands Primary School

Demonstrator: Britannia Education Trust

This training was fantastic and I really enjoyed exploring the Google tools more. The skills learnt will hopefully help reduce workload... so thanks for that!

Carpenters Primary School

Demonstrator: Britannia Education Trust

Thank you so much for putting this together. I passed my Google Educator Level 1 and these videos really helped me. Thank you!

Carpenters Primary School

Demonstrator: Britannia Education Trust

The Google Forms and Jamboard training was very useful and revolutionised the way I did remote learning - thanks Luke! The Google Sites video was also great - I didn't even know they existed!

Kate Mooney, Teacher of Dance

Demonstrator: Digital Learning Cornwall

Brilliant practical knowledge for filming and editing with iPads – plus use of learning platforms

Martin Post, IT Strategy Manager

Demonstrator: Digital Learning Cornwall

We have gained invaluable guidance to help form our long-term IT vision as a trust

Kyra Ings, The Mead Academy Trust

Demonstrator: Digital Learning Cornwall

I would say that being able to access the EdTech Programme has been fundamental to us being able to move our thinking forward regarding our use of technology from both a business and a Teaching and Learning perspective in the last 12 months. It has been crucial in shaping our approaches to cyber security, IT support, MIS, and Microsoft / Google environments for staff and children. Peter’s advice in particular has always been clear, impartial, and invaluable – I don’t know what we would have done without him!

Falcon Junior School

Because we've engaged with the programme we're now confident with setting assignments online and the other really successful thing is not just the teacher doing it - we've got the teaching assistants from the class as well, and we're able to write a really tight remote learning policy around what we're planning to do as a result of the programme. If we hadn't applied to the programme I think our remote learning would have been successful, but there would have been pockets of success across the school because lots of staff were at different levels of competency. What we were able to do was bring everybody up to the same standard and then staff were able to go and explore.

Edward Savage, Headteacher

Thank you so much for all the guidance! We are now successfully using Google Classroom. I have been in touch with Richard since regarding a query raised during trial of Google Classroom in our school. He replied really promptly. It is nice to know that the support is still there

St Alphege CE Junior School

The partnership with Grimsby Institute has been invaluable in terms of developing our digital learning strategy, based upon their extensive experience of delivering digital excellence. Staff have had the opportunity to develop their digital skills through a wide range of staff development opportunities. The partnership has also opened up opportunities for the sharing of good practice in a wide range of areas, including curriculum 2030 and curriculum purchasing. This has had a positive impact on our curriculum offer

Loughborough College

Just a huge thank you to the team, it would have taken us so much longer to get our heads around Google Classroom and now it has become part of our everyday learning

Ashton-under-Hill First School

Daren White provided excellent support throughout this journey and adjusted the programme to the needs of individuals/ groups and whole school at various points. He has been excellent at getting back to us with solutions and gone above and beyond

Ryders Hayes

In October our year six class bubble was sent home at 11am due to a positive Covid test result. By 1pm the teacher was at home delivering the afternoon session to all pupils online, this teacher was newly qualified and in their first term of teaching. Parent feedback has been fantastic. This is all thanks to engaging with Grimsby Institute through the Edtech Demonstrator programme

Airy Hill Primary

Great Chesterford C of E Primary Academy

When I applied to the programme I was matched with a headteacher David Macguire from Coupals primary school in Haverhill which is quite local to us. We had an initial meeting where we talked about what we could get out of the programme. For us we were really looking at ways we could streamline our teacher workload and work smarter, with the use of technology. David talked through lots of Office365 apps and how we could best utilise them to work smarter as teachers. It was interesting because we already had access to all these apps but we didn't know what they did or how to use them. I think the biggest thing we got out of the programme was that it gave the teachers and myself as the leader the confidence to try new things. We also saw in our second lockdown now how we can use these apps to communicate our remote learning strategy and provision and the feedback has been really powerful from the parents and children - they've enjoyed it! The programme itself has been pivotal in helping us achieve that.

Amy Sargeant, Deputy Headteacher

I just wanted to say how much my staff have got out of your training. It has provided the nudge for them to take the plunge and the results have been very encouraging. We did our first week with Y11 last week, and staff and student feedback was very positive. The impact has been phenomenal in that we have taken a big leap forwards because of it

Withernsea High School

We will build in the videos and sessions into planning with staff moving forward and the resources on the Ed tech box have been great!

Saint Marys Congleton

We were very new to the support offered By Hadrian Primary and our plan of action was set for Spring term 2021. With partial closure of schools from 5/1/2021 Jess and her team have been amazing. Her team has helped us through a rapid transition into providing online teaching and learning through Google Classroom and now into a safeguarded position of virtual sessions to suit the community we serve. I thank Jess and her team for the support and guidance they have given us in these challenging times

Laygate Community School

Church Hill C of E Junior School

I felt quite overwhelmed and out of my comfort zone, when I came across the edtech demonstrator programme - I submitted my form and was put in touch within two days with Jo Stone the edtech demonstrator lead working at Kibworth. She's just been absolutely wonderful and it's been fantastic working with her. If we hadn't have received the support that we've had we would not have been able to move forward with such speed. Training of the staff and giving them the confidence to use Teams has been greatly beneficial and my advice for anybody who is thinking about using the edtech demonstrator programme - it is definitely worth it, and shows the teaching profession at its best. 

Diane Brown, Assistant Head Teacher

I would like to thank you and the team for the invaluable support and guidance you have provided to Bradford College in the development of our approach to our digital journey and strategy. You have provided vision, motivation and encouragement that has enthused colleagues to rapidly reflect on their practice and identify the positive impacts that digital learning can have on the student experience. Thanks again for your support and I look forward to working with you in the future

Bradford College

We have been involved with Grimsby Institute since September and never has there been a time when we needed ICT or ICT help more! I cannot believe how supportive and helpful Grimsby Institute have been; they have gone over and above to support myself and my staff in coming to grips with on line learning/ teaching. We have learnt ways to accept work that is not confined just to the written word. These skills we are leaning are making such a difference to how we can deliver lessons and involve our pupils.

St Mary's Catholic Primary Academy

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time working with Grimsby as part of the EdTech demonstrator programme, providing the arena to share practice in a wider collaborative approach has given time for reflection and creativity, the opportunity to join discussions on innovative practice and review how digital technology can enhance the learner experience has been excellent

Barnsley College

New Cangle Community Primary School

I applied to the programme because I wanted to think about how we were using technology in our school, and not just in the short term. It was during lockdown and there were immediate implications about how we were setting up remote learning - I wanted some advice about that and also wanted to think ahead about the future and get in contact with people who were using technology successfully in their schools. I've been supported by David Macguire at Coupals in Haverhill, who has been really helpful. There are no cons to applying to the programme - it's great to have other schools giving you friendly advice, helping you with what you've got in school and talking you through your situation. I'd definitely urge any senior leaders out there to apply for the programme.

Jacqueline Brading, Headteacher