Reducing teacher workload to improve work-life balance.

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Reducing teacher workload to improve work-life balance.

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A large Trust supported by Pheasey Park Farm Primary School

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As part of the DfE Demonstrator Programme Pheasey Park Farm has worked with a large Trust where teacher workload was something Leaders wanted to reduce to improve work-life balance.

Pheasey showcased their own journey as well as offering additional bespoke solutions for this particular Trust.

Pheasey presented their own SharePoint Learning Platform to the Executive Head and Trust Leaders, demonstrating how it can be used to reduce teacher workload and support teaching and learning.

Many examples were shared including how, on the staff SharePoint site, document storage can be seamlessly organised into the Cloud allowing staff to work on their documents at any point, from anywhere, including collaboratively with colleagues without the need to email each other or always having to meet. Planning can be created with colleagues working in separate buildings and senior leaders can create improvement plans with several leaders working on the same document simultaneously.

The student SharePoint sites offer speed and flexibility to staff when using the platform as a virtual school. Discussion boards can be used to extend learning opportunities and gauge child voice from every member of the class – with significantly less work for the teacher. Workflow is seamless through the use of Microsoft OneNote – with marking being quicker, more personalised and purposeful.

Pheasey use Microsoft Teams enabled SharePoint sites for students giving access to Microsoft OneNote through an educational license. This is something the Trust wanted to replicate, Pheasey were able to advise and train staff on its use, share important protocols and resources that Pheasey had used for students and parents.

The result has been really positive across the Trust with the training received having an impact in reducing teacher workload and enhancing productivity and general functionality of each school. Currently in its infancy, the impact will increase as the SharePoint expands.