Support with using technology for a range of objectives, including to reduce staff workload.

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Support with using technology for a range of objectives, including to reduce staff workload.

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Dawlish Primary School supported by Britannia Education Trust

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Dawlish Primary School is part of the Opossum Federation situated in east London. They have been a part of the EdTech Demonstrator Programme since October 2020 and have received support with using technology for a range of objectives, including to reduce staff workload.

Three specific examples will be described below:

Parent messaging form:

The school used to provide its generic info@ email address on its website as a way for parents to get in contact. However, the email address received hundreds of emails every day and it took a member of admin staff an estimated 45-60 minutes to daily sift through and forward the important emails on to relevant staff members and occasionally important messages were missed. After discussing the issues, we created a Google Form that was available on the website that parents could use to submit a message. It included a drop-down menu with a list of categories and when the form was submitted, it would trigger a script that would email the relevant member of staff the message directly. Mariette Bester, Head of School said, “What works well is that it directs the email straight to the person who needs to deal with that issue. Parents, governors, office staff and Head of Schools are all very pleased with how effectively this works.”

Leave request form:

When members of staff from across the Federation needed to request leave, the process was time consuming, required printed sheets and could be unclear. Together we devised an online solution that meant staff requesting leave would fill in an online Google Form. This triggered a script which emailed the Head of School responsible for that member of staff. They could then view the request and decide to agree/deny leave with/without pay from within a spreadsheet. The staff member would then be emailed automatically with the decision and any comments. If the member of staff was granted leave then the shared school calendar would automatically be updated to show the dates that they would be absent. It also meant there was a record for all staff leave requests stored in one place, allowing for easy analysis.

Classroom management sheet:

The school has many Google Classrooms to manage across the Federation and occasionally a teacher or student would not have been added to their intended classroom. It was taking the admin team a long time to get in touch with the class teachers to request that certain teachers/students be manually added. There are solutions online that schools can pay for but together we devised our own system that allowed one member of staff to access all the Google Classrooms and add/remove teachers/students.

Lots of these solutions are bespoke for this particular school but a collection of generic but adaptable solutions can be found here: