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West Suffolk College

West Suffolk College Consortium is made up of West Suffolk College, Abbeygate Sixth Form College, One Sixth Form College, Swavesey Village College and Barrow Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School. 

Inclusion is at the heart of West Suffolk College and as such teaching teams have long recognised the need for diverse teaching delivery methods to cater for the specific needs and preferences of all students. 

Key to any learning is timely, constructive assessment and feedback to students, these criteria remain at the heart of the consortiums approach to both face-to-face and remote delivery. 

The consortium schools and colleges benefit from each other’s extensive knowledge with dedicated professional learning teams that work collaboratively to share good practice and deliver targeted training needs and support, using the following platforms to support remote teaching 

West Suffolk College is now in its second year of the EdTech Demonstrator Programme, supporting schools with their EdTech vision. We are able to make use of all our consortium partners in primary, secondary, FE and special school settings, which enables us to tailor our support to your vision.  

Overview of work completed so far 

In the first year of the EdTech Demonstrator Programme a large proportion of the work completed, was to support schools with their remote curriculum delivery via Teams, Google Suite, Seesaw, Moodle and other platforms.  

It’s a very exciting time in schools as we shift our focus from remote delivery to an integrated use of EdTech resources that seamlessly fits with our curriculum and pedagogy. Whether it be green screen filming, podcasting, ebook authoring or improved assessment and tracking of student work, everything needs to be grounded in a clear EdTech vision and backed by a strong curriculum and pedagogy. 


Hear what we had to say during the regional launch of the EdTech Demonstrator Programme

Areas for support 

  • Educational recovery – Technology can support students with their educational recovery by using flipped and blended learning, allowing them to watch the teacher deliver content as many times as they need. We can support teachers in creating accessible content. 

  • Reducing Teacher Workload – Many teachers have become skilled at sharing content with colleagues. We can introduce teachers to  tools and platforms that will allow this to happen in a more structured way. 

  • Improvement Plans – Electronic school improvement plans, accessible and updatable by all, make the school improvement journey much more streamlined. We will support senior leaders in creating these plans and show middle leaders and teachers how to contribute. 

  • Resource Management – Questionnaires and room/resource booking systems make it easier for everyone to access important information. Whatever your platform you use technology can make your systems much more efficient and reduce teacher workload. 

  • Curriculum – Technology can be used to support vulnerable pupils and improve creativity across a range of subjects. We can support staff in using green screen technology to bring lessons alive, creating podcasts and eBooks to share or getting creative with QR codes. 

Platforms are not just for remote learning – We can show you how to use your platform as an everyday teaching tool rather than just a remote teaching tool.