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We are a large Multi Academy Trust with 72 academies located from Cumbria to Kent, covering all phases and a wide variety of contexts. Uniquely, our Group also includes 14 independent schools many of which have implemented 1:1 programmes within the classroom environment. 

Alongside our central team of Educational Technologists, we will be drawing on a team of highly qualified classroom practitioners, who will be sharing their expertise and current use of technology from within their classroom. 

For the past few years we have been implementing a ‘cloud first’ strategy with the focus on moving data, services and systems into the cloud to enable staff and students to work and learn from any location. In conjunction with this strategy, schools were encouraged to look at how they taught in the classroom, with many adopting Microsoft Surfaces (or similar digital inking devices) to change how teachers teach, set, assess and feedback on pupils’ work. 

We continue to support our schools with their digital strategies as they adapt to an influx of Chromebooks to support remote learning, ensuring all children have access to a suitable device and safe connection at home, whilst also developing a coherent plan for their use in the long term as well as their short-term deployment to support in-school catch-up and recovery programmes. Over the past decade, United Learning has developed a robust 1:1 mobile learning strategy for tablet devices which enabled a number of schools to benefit from increasingly mature 1:1 programmes, building on the schools’ cultures of teaching and learning. 

The last phase of the programme focused on Covid19 crisis response and we were lucky enough to assist 80 schools during their transition to remote learning. We also supported schools with embedding technology beyond remote learning, many of which have now signed up for a longer period of support to develop their digital strategies.  

“Gemma's outstanding skills, flexibility and enthusiasm for sharing and enhancing professional practice in this field have enabled both experienced practitioners and complete novices to benefit from this programme.  No question being too small or too complex in this supportive and understanding network has both reassured and challenged us.” 
June Hutchinson, PTSA 

“It's been the perfect mixture of urgent, operational tips and tricks and long-term, strategic advice on how to make our remote educational provision as effective as possible. It's had an impact on us in the short-term during lockdown but also shaped how we build back better in terms of using some of the innovation we have been forced to confront.” 
Paul Blakemore, Standish Community High School 

“The enthusiasm from the staff has been great.  A massive thanks for your flexibility, sense of fun and professionalism.  As far as we are concerned you got it spot on.” 
Carrie Henderson, South View Primary School 

These are just some of the areas that we can support you with on your EdTech journey. We will also draw down support from key specialists within our schools to suit your requirements.  

  • Development of a Digital Strategy for single schools and across multiple schools to support school improvement priorities 
    Designing and implementing effective digital stakeholder surveys (pupil/ parent/ staff) to drive organisational improvement 

  • Support for trainee teachers 

  • Support with procurement and implementation of school Management Information Systems/ change projects 

  • Support with developing & implementing a cloud-first strategy 

  • Design & implementation of 1-to-1 device programmes 

  • IT estate planning to support effective classroom practice 

  • Delivery of effective CPD for school staff at distance, including apprenticeship-level qualifications 

  • Supporting effective parental engagement in learning through technology