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Skipton Girls' High School

Context and EdTech journey 

SGHS is an 11-18 Secondary School in North Yorkshire.  It is part of the Northern Star Academies Trust. 

Our Trust consists of two secondary schools and six primary schools in Harrogate, Skipton and Keighley.  Over ten years ago we created an EdTech vision which ensured every one of our learners has access to a 1:1 device.  Amongst many benefits this allows staff maximum opportunity to encourage greater independence and creativity in how students learn, enhances collaborative work and improves the quality of our formative assessment and knowledge recall strategies.  As technology has developed our strategy continuously evolves to take advantage of new opportunities. 

The EdTech Demonstrator programme 

SGHS has been involved with the EdTech Demo Programme from the very beginning.  We supported both Primary and Secondary Schools across Yorkshire, Lancashire and the North-East to ensure they were able to support their students during school closures.  We helped on many issues including: 

  • Evaluating learning platforms and choosing the right one to suit individual needs;
  • Safeguarding students effectively when using technology;
  • Effective pedagogical approaches to using EdTech in the classroom with different age groups;
  • Procuring IT equipment and planning for 1:1 device schemes in schools;
  • Using EdTech effectively to enhance formative feedback;
  • Devising a whole school EdTech strategy.

Hear what we had to say during the regional launch of the EdTech Demonstrator Programme

Specialist areas for support 

Through the skills that exist within our Trust and our wider links we can support schools in a wide variety of ways.  We pride ourselves on really trying to get a good understanding of each school we work with as we understand the importance of designing bespoke strategies.  We can assist with: 

  • Advice on models of school recovery strategies and how EdTech can continue to play a crucial role in reducing the disruption caused by Covid 19;
  • How EdTech can reduce teacher workload but also make practice more effective in terms of curriculum planning, designing assessment and planning for longer term retention of knowledge;
  • How EdTech can help reduce the burden of school administration and improve communication and workflow;
  • How EdTech can enhance collaboration in the classroom but also between colleagues improving whole school development planning and resource management;
  • How EdTech can be used to improve education for those not in education;
  • How EdTech can improve curriculum access and engagement for those with SEND;
  • Specific training and advice on a whole range of software including learning platforms especially Teams and Firefly, Cloud-based computing (Office 365) and school admin software.

Given the range of expertise and contexts across our Trust we are able to tailor our ways of working to suit individual needs.