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Outwood Grange Academies Trust

Outwood EdTechOutwood Grange Academies Trust have spent six years mastering Google Workspace and the best ways to deploy other, vital EdTech tools into classrooms.

All schools within the Outwood Family successfully use digital tools to improve our curriculum offer. We have recruited a large team of EdTech Leaders that model expert practice, provide excellent support in digital strategy and are on hand to support your school. If you engage with us to support your school (or school group), you will have access to our specialist team, ready to support primary, secondary, post 16 and alternative provisions.  

Overview of work done on the last phase 

We are extremely proud of the work that we have done in the first phase of the EdTech Demonstrator Programme. Our specialist team supported over 100 schools in a variety of contexts, enabling them to use online tools to deliver their curriculum online. Our passion is ensuring that EdTech is used appropriately and for the right reasons, using research to guide best practice. 

Areas you can support with in next phase  

Our family of schools is a sponsor of primary, junior and secondary academies which enables us to provide you support across phases with our specialist team. Our team is able to work with you to identify ways that EdTech can address school recovery following the pandemic, including practical ways to reduce workload. 

As part of our offer, we will work alongside you to ensure that your school has  robust digital strategy and resource management, building on our experience of operating within our own 36 schools and over 100 schools we supported as part of the first phase of the EdTech Demonstrator Programme.