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Oldham Sixth Form College

Oldham Sixth Form College is part of Pinnacle Learning Trust a multi-academy trust with a secondary School, Hathershaw College and a primary School, Werneth Primary.

Oldham is an area of high deprivation and our experience of remote learning encompasses the challenges faced by those pupils and families with no access to technology.  We are committed to supporting schools at all phases and as an Associate Research School with the Education Endowment Foundation we are able to transfer our evidence-informed practice to other contexts. We are proud to be in our second year of supporting schools and colleges in using technology to enhance teaching and learning. We are delighted that we are now able to build on our excellent track record of supporting school in 2020-21.  

Odlham Sixth Form College


During phase one we supported 62 schools, mostly primary schools, in setting up and developing their use of Google for Education products. In addition to providing training and support on remote learning we provided support for Senior Leaders in writing digital strategies to inform their school development plans. The feedback from our schools has been:  

“Thank you. The training you provided gave us the kickstart we needed with G Suite. All staff are much more confident in its use and it is beginning to streamline our working practices.” 
Sarah Cadogan, DHT at  Whittaker Moss Primary, Rochdale 

“We have a much clearer strategy for developing EdTech in school with a CPD focus rather than a blind approach to buying kit. Teachers are developing their competencies and understanding of both remote learning strategies and approaches to blended learning.” 
AHT, Secondary School, Cumbria 

“Prior to starting this work, staff had very little knowledge of how to use google classroom.This project took the staff from having very little knowledge to providing an excellent offer for remote learning fully using google classroom. Without this support, we would not have been ready to provide this standard of remote learning by Jan 2021. The staff were not quite ready by Jan 2021 but they had enough knowledge to get together and support each other and by sharing knowledge and asking for support from Oldham Sixth Form College, we continued to improve our offer throughout lockdown.” 
Gillian Thornicroft, HT at Springside Primary School, Bury 

  We can work with schools and colleges to: 

  • EXPLORE: This would suit schools who require rapid support on remote education, catch-up and recovery provision or SLT teams who would like support on addressing blended learning/educational technology in their school development plan.  
  • EMBED: This would suit schools who have identified one or two areas where technology can be adopted and have maximum impact for teachers and pupils, or SLT teams who would like support on developing a more comprehensive blended learning/digital technology strategy. 
  •  EVOLVE: This would suit schools who wish to develop a sustainable digital strategy, embedding technology - particularly digital platforms and devices - as part of a wider change programme, and recognising where technology will and will not make an impact. We ask schools to identify Digital Champions to support this. For more information please read our course leaflet and get in touch. We can offer this course to MATs, Local Authorities or individual schools. 


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