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King Ecgbert School with Notre Dame High School (EdTechSheff)

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King Ecgbert School and Notre Dame High School are large and successful system leading comprehensive schools in Sheffield with close collaborative links.

Working together as www.EdTechSheff.org  they were part of the first wave of Demonstrator schools who were about to launch holistic support for school improvement around capitalising on the potential of EdTech when the pandemic struck. At that point they pivoted to provide a year of very responsive support to schools around remote learning. Notre Dame, as an associate research school with John Coats at the helm of their system leadership work bring a strong grounding in the use of evidence and the EEF implementation cycle to effect sustainable school improvement. Paul Haigh, Headteacher of King Ecgbert, has long been a fixture on the EdTech scene- a published author and regular speaker on the subject he leads a school that makes great use of technology as part of its success. 

Throughout the pandemic EdTechSheff provided short term and responsive support to primary and secondary schools around their use of technology to provide remote learning. Principally around Microsoft Office 365 (Teams) but also Google Classroom and Seesaw. They provided a very popular YouTube channel where teachers explained how they used technology to manage remote learning. In addition, they ran weekly webinars sharing advice from EEF, Ofsted and others about what worked best and formed facilitated work groups of teachers facilitated by Alastair Gittner where increasingly schools looked at the gains they had made due to the pandemic and started to apply the learning to longer term strategic school improvements. Behind the scenes EdTechSheff were instrumental in writing the DfE's self-review tool to allow schools to judge the quality of their remote learning during the pandemic and were consulted for the DfE School diagnostic tool for the 2nd year of the EdTech Demonstrator programme. 

Hear what we had to say during the regional launch of the EdTech Demonstrator Programme

During this new phase of the programme we can offer support in 

•   School / College recovery 

Including a focus on vulnerable learners, tackling the digital divide, using remote learning to support students who have fallen behind and parental engagement through web technology. 

•   Reducing teacher workload 

Including smart use of inter-operating systems to allow staff to enter data once and use many times 

•   School / College improvement plans 

Including EdTech strategies  

•   School / College resource management 

Including data driven school decision making and intelligent management of IT estates  

•   Securing an accessible and inclusive curriculum, including pupils with SEND and excluded pupils / students. 

Including support from system leading special schools 

•   Key applications: 

Microsoft Office 356, Windows networks, Moodle VLE, Edulink1 for parental engagement, CPOMS for safeguarding, SIMS Management Information System, Hegarty Maths, EduCake for science learning, Ever Learner for PE learning,  AutoDesk Industry standard design tools,  

Chromebooks: integration to AD and management of remote use 

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