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Kibworth Church of England Primary School

Kibworth C of E Primary School  is truly a place of discovery.

Our aim is for all children to develop their talents, reach their potential and be happy during their time with us. We provide an outstanding learning environment rooted in Christian values, as a Church of England school we pride ourselves with the link we have with the Leicester diocese and the parish of Kibworth. 

We strive continually at the school to provide learning of the highest quality, alongside providing training and support to early careers teachers and experienced staff in other schools nationally.  Our digital journey is always evolving, the teachers have embraced a blended learning approach within the classroom and digital tools are enhancing our weekly lessons. 

Kibworth is an academy and enjoys the benefits of being part of the Discovery Schools Trust. We work collaboratively with other schools in the trust, sharing practice and resources, whilst focussing on an outward facing vision. The Trust’s curriculum has been enhanced by technology, the devices and apps have empowered the children too making teaching increasingly effective and efficient for our educators. 

After the adoption of Microsoft 365 in 2016 our online learning offer became more dynamic with all schools developing the use of Microsoft Teams to develop virtual classrooms. All children in KS2 are now active users of Teams and are developing their own ePortfolios using OneNote. The use of Teams has also enhanced the curriculum through the use of virtual field trips and live expert speakers. This has allowed classes to connect with experts from all over the world and have virtual tours of museums, historical sites, and zoos. They have also allowed the opportunity to take part in live Q and A sessions with subject experts. The Trust have similarly developed a virtual pupil parliament across the Trust and also offer staff CPD via Teams meetings. 

Overview of EdTech Demonstrator Programme in 2020-21 

It was the most remarkable experience to be part of the EdTech Demonstrator Programme last year.  The greatest benefit of the programme has been to build relationships with colleagues in other schools, share ideas, and collaborate on projects.  Kibworth and the Trust offered a variety of guidance throughout the year. Initially, we supported schools with remote learning and contingency planning.  Our team shared knowledge and advice about the online learning platform,  discussed planning and key documents and shared our policies and protocols.  Over the year the support developed, and virtual staff meetings (bespoke to the school’s needs) and networks were offered. Some of the staff meetings were an introduction to remote and blended learning, others were planned over 6 weeks and supported whole school training needs.  For smaller schools, the approach was changed again, and group training was offered and in other contexts it was necessary to provide 1 to 1 support.  Many schools required strategic support so SLT meetings were delivered alongside running virtual network meetings for MATs.  The virtual training meetings covered a range of topics such as demonstrating how to use key apps, set up virtual learning platform, structure the pupil’s online workspaces in the Class Notebook, show staff how to teach online, remotely and in a hybrid-setting was an integral part of the support too.  Eventbrite webinars were scheduled to enable a flexible approach to support, teaching staff were able to join and share examples of teaching and learning too. 

Towards the end of the programme:  

  • Discovery collaborated with Century Tech to show how schools can utilise different learning platforms into their curriculum.

  • The EdTech Demonstrator Programme devised an EdTech Week in November 2020, we participated in a live discussion forum and then we shared our EdTech journey on the final day of the event.  

  • In March 2021, our Trust held an EdTech Now and Next Conference, other EdTech Demonstrator Programme schools were invited to join as keynote speakers in the morning and in the afternoon, delegates were able to attend workshops.   

  • Finally, the team were asked to speak about technology and inclusion at the EdTech Update (EdTech Summit) in April 2021. 


Areas of Support for 2021-22: 

This is an exciting time, and we need to build on the digital gains that schools have just made. 

Our Blended Learning Training Calendar can be viewed here along with links to register – all are welcome

School / college recovery - We can offer support such as:  

  • Engaging staff with blended learning;

  • CPD - how to find the time and where to find the courses;

  • Digital champions - choosing the right members of staff;

  • Blended learning in EYFS and KS1;

  • Embedding 1 to1 devices into your curriculum effectively;

  • The importance of technical support.

Reducing teacher workload - Our aim is to share our knowledge of: 

  • Digital devices in the classroom;

  • Help schools to understand the benefits of the digital devices and tools;

  • The importance of sharing planning and resources with colleagues but also across schools too;

  • Collaborating with colleagues in Microsoft Teams and OneNote.

School / college improvement plans - We can offer advice to schools about how to: 

  • Create a long-term digital implementation plan;

  • Discuss termly action plans;

  • When to integrate the blended learning into the whole school teaching and learning strategy;

  • Developing IT infrastructure to effectively support teaching and learning.

School /  college resource management - Our team can discuss: 

  • How and why the Trust purchased shared STEM Technologies;

  • The importance of network meetings to share knowledge and ideas;

  • How to increase the amount of digital devices – grants, donation schemes and BYOD;

  • Developing your own in-house IT support provision;

  • Keeping users and data safe from cyber risks including ransomware.

Securing an accessible and inclusive curriculum – We can share our approach to: 

  • Digital inclusion and discuss the skills of our pastoral team;

  • Talk about improving pupils' knowledge of digital tools in a range of apps and on the device;

  • Explain how we engaged parents and pupils with online learning platforms.

Key applications  

  • Microsoft Teams – The strength in a consistent structure and approach;
  • Tapestry, and the child account in EYFS and KS1;
  • How to support your preschool provision.

Our Trust is also happy for EdTech schools to visit once it is safe to do so. We will be delighted to arrange face to face training, whole school tours to observe blended learning in action and digital learning discussion sessions for teachers.