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Heart of Worcestershire College

Heart of Worcestershire College


Our EdTech journey 

Heart of Worcestershire College is the largest further education college in Worcestershire offering a wide range of vocational and technical courses in specialist subject areas alongside a vast array of apprenticeships and higher education courses. We have been a Microsoft Showcase College since 2018 and are the home of the highly-reputed, national Blended Learning Consortium. HoW College uses tools across the Office365 suite and Moodle but can provide support across a number of LMS, as we currently do with our network of institutions across the Blended Learning Consortium. 

We have delivered a blended learning curriculum for over 5 years and introduced the SOLA (scheduled online learning and assessment) model in 2014 which gives learners one hour of blended learning on their timetable at Level 2 and two hours at Level 3. This time is used for development of vocationally relevant and contextualised digital skills. Digital Learning Advisors structure focused online learning and activities aligned to the study programme scheme of work for learners to work through independently. The SOLA model has since been successfully replicated by several institutions across the UK. 

We have developed significant experience through the management of the Blended Learning Consortium and the delivery of the SOLA model to support institutions to develop a sustainable approach to delivering blended learning, underpinned by effective pedagogical practice. 

Overview of work on the Edtech Demonstrator Programme to date: 

HoW College joined the programme in June 2020 and have since worked with over 25 schools and colleges to support their digital practice. Much of the support we have provided has been around shaping an effective digital strategy and guiding staff CPD to increase the capacity of digital expertise within the settings. We have also worked with senior leadership teams to enhance the culture of embracing digital practice across an institution. 

Case Study - Visiting National Star

Hear what we had to say during the regional launch of the EdTech Demonstrator Programme

Areas of support we can offer:  

We will be supporting you with user guides and webinars and can provide bespoke support depending on your needs. Support can be offered from getting started with technology through to guidance on which tools to use for different aspects of teaching, learning and assessment as well as these 5 key areas: 

  • School/ College recovery  
  • School/ College improvement plans 
  • Reducing teacher workload through effective use of technology 
  • School/ College resource management 
  • Developing a digital strategy.