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Hardenhuish School

Hardenhuish is an 11-18 co-educational comprehensive school set in the magnificent parkland of the former Hardenhuish Manor with 1522 students currently on roll.

We have been a Microsoft Showcase School since 2015 and work primarily with Office 365. Our teachers have been extensively trained in use of digital EdTech and we became an EdTech Demonstrator School with the aim of helping and learning from other schools. We trialled live lessons within days of the first lockdown and ran successful, full live lessons from day 1 of the second closure. We have two programme leads. Ben Cobbold, Assistant Head, has been teaching Physics for 16 years and has spent much of that time exploring how digital tools can enhance learning. Adam Lloyd is the ICT Support Manager for Hardenhuish and has extensive knowledge in forward-thinking ICT strategy focused on learners whilst providing day-to-day student and staff ICT support; ensuring that backup and disaster recovery and business continuity procedures are in place, tested and fit for purpose. 

Hear what we had to say during the regional launch of the EdTech Demonstrator Programme

Hear what our Headteacher had to say about being part of the EdTech Demonstrator Programme


How we supported schools in the last phase

In the last phase we supported 70+ schools across the country from a huge variety of backgrounds. Initially this was focused on responsive teaching in live lessons with Teams. We ran training for hundreds of teachers in secondaries across Wiltshire on using Teams live lessons, assessment and feedback, and how to create learning environments with tools like class notebook. We supported schools with device procurement, enrolment, and management and gave advice to school leaders in tools for staff development, collaboration and wellbeing. We ran several webinars attended by teachers from across the country on subjects such as responsive digital teaching and closing the gap with digital EDTech.  

We can provide support in the following areas:  

Sustainable Digital Strategies to complement paper-based learning.

Closing the gaps including: 

  • SEN tools for home learning and in class support;

  • Challenge and support – differentiation in class and home learning through EdTech;

  • Intervention including diagnosis and treatment with application of machine learning and tutoring.

Sustainable workload through digital strategy: 

  • Flexibility in work patterns (returning from maternity, times of crisis, family harmony);

  • Staff Professional Development; 

  • Setting up low cost, bespoke, sustainable, flexible, Edtech enabled CPD for ITTs, ECTs and New staff to complement in school programmes;

  • EdTech enabled collaborative strategy, planning and intervention within and across sites;

  • Reduce marking workload and increase diagnostic feedback through digital solutions.

Metacognition, self-regulation and long-term-retention: 

  • Long term retention strategies using digital solutions;

  • Practice questions and retrieval practice, desirably spaced;

  • Metacognition and self regulation;

  • Digital solutions to help reflection on progress against the desired outcomes;

  • Tracking of learning over time for the individual and their support;

  • Digital solutions to fill gaps as highlighted.


  • EdTech to engage, inform and support families;

  • Efficient governing body engagement;

  • Tools for events and parents’ evenings.


Safe, sustainable network management 

  • Setting up secure systems in-line with the recommendations from the National Cyber Security Centre;
  • Device selection, procurement, Azure management;
  • Cloud strategies including transitioning to cloud and storage;
  • Hardware infrastructure procuring and supporting technologies to match teaching and learning needs.