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Filey Junior School

Filey Junior School serves the small, fishing and tourist town of Filey on the North Yorkshire Coast. We serve a local community with a higher than average level of socio and economic deprivation. ‘Widening Horizons’ is the heart of our school vision and is something which we strive to do in order to encourage our children and families to see beyond the local environment and aim high.

We have three forms in each of our KS2 classes and have a wide variety of buildings, ranging from a Georgian main school to a brand new, modern and minimal Year 6 area. We have recently begun a ‘specialist teacher’ programme across the schools which sees each year group having a maths, a literacy and a wider curriculum teacher. This is an exciting development which we feel will allow the teachers to further their expertise in their chosen subject.

Our journey with educational technology

We first began looking for an IT solution in 2013 when, despite all of our best effort, children’s writing did not reflect the creativity and skills which we knew they possessed. We narrowed the problem down to a lack of opportunity to edit and improve their work. An IT solution seemed the logical approach and we began looking at the market. It was when we stumbled across Chromebooks and the ability to collaborate within Docs that we had the ‘lightbulb moment’.

What had initially been a project aimed at children from disadvantaged backgrounds, soon became school wide. And what had been a project aimed at writing, soon found its way in to every aspect of the curriculum (including PE). Since then we have become exclusively Chromebook, including the admin and SLT teams, and we have adopted this technology more and more into how we work.

Video has become our latest focus, not primarily due to lock down restrictions (although it really helped there), but just as a way of us sharing teaching and learning for parents and unlocking the potential of the media. We also believe in keeping things simple. Rather than overface staff and pupils with an ever growing library of tools and apps, we prefer to have a core toolbox of tried and tested, high quality resources which allow us to focus on the learning rather than learning the tech.

We have assisted quite a number of schools across Yorkshire with the move to the Cloud, Chromebooks and to Google for Education. This has ranged from whole day inputs to a simple telephone conversation or a visit to see how our children and teachers have adopted and adapted to this way of working.