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Digital Learning Cornwall - Aspire Academy Trust (Mount Hawke Academy)

Upcoming training events can be viewed here along with links to register – all are welcome.

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Digital Learning Cornwall is the EdTech research and training department of the Aspire Academy Trust, a group of 28 diverse primary schools that is pleased to implement future-facing IT strategies. 

We cut through the hype and jargon to identify technologies that have genuine impact for teachers and learners, including real-world implementation and practical detail. 

We know that most teachers are not tech-specialists, yet staff will certainly use tools that save time and enhance learning. Our own training sessions and webinars are structured as short, quick-burst presentations – they could quite easily be part of your staff meeting – followed by useful Q+A sessions, steered by audience requirements. 

Digital Learning Cornwall understands that implementing EdTech successfully means joining up pedagogy with reliable infrastructure: schools want to shift their systems onwards intelligently, not plough finance into ventures that require constant attention from IT support. Our guidance empowers schools to make strategic decisions on school improvement and resource management – we firmly believe that low to moderate amounts of money, spent in the right places, can make a huge difference to how schools function and the opportunities children have for learning. 

Throughout recent disruptions, we supported over one hundred schools to execute remote learning techniques at considerable speed. We have now pivoted to helping schools and MATs understand where to go next with the upskilling of staff and new class-based equipment – an area we have always known has immense potential to transform and modernise learning. 

We continue to produce and revise online materials and guidance, including webinars and bespoke 1:1 support, catering for staff across all school roles. Our range of free-to-attend events cover everything from practical use of specific classroom-based products, to wider ranging strategy and infrastructure choices, including school admin and communications. 

Digital Learning Cornwall recognises that technology can be a route for enhanced access and motivation for children, including those with SEND needs. We consider individual circumstances to be especially important when assessing the needs of children who may be able to access the curriculum better using assistive technologies. 

Hear what we had to say during the regional launch of the EdTech Demonstrator Programme

Hear what the CEO at Aspire Academy Trust had to say during the regional launch of the EdTech Demonstrator Programme

Key specialities: 

  • Infrastructure and strategy for multi-school implementation, including Microsoft for staff internal systems and Google for children;

  • EdTech pedagogy leadership and strategy for schools and MATs;

  • Streamlined Chromebook deployment for everyday class teaching;

  • Book Creator across subjects and school communications;

  • Effective EdTech maths options and procedures at primary;

  • Microsoft admin training to improve school efficiencies;

  • Tapestry learning journals across early years and beyond;

  • MIS choices and data workflow strategies;

  • Understanding cyber security scenarios and preventative measures;

  • Seesaw and Google Classroom learning platforms;

  • iPads for multimedia function and targeted interventions.