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Devonport High School for Boys

Devonport High School for Boys is a happy and vibrant grammar school for boys aged 11-18 (and girls in the Sixth Form). Our vision, whatever anyone’s role in the school or personal ambition, is that ‘Everyone Succeeds’. We provide a disciplined, caring environment in which students achieve levels of excellence that reflect their tremendous potential and our high expectations. 

Devonport High School for Boys has been a worldwide Google reference school since 2015 and was one of the first schools to deploy G Suite for Education and Chromebooks in the UK. From a more efficient administration to students who make their own websites to support classes, DHSB made incremental gains to become a more collaborative, effective and dynamic learning environment for the 1,250 students in the school. The whole organisation has embedded G Suite for Education to increase productivity, efficiency and to transform learning in the 21st century. 

During the last phase of the programme we  

  • Supported schools with delivering high quality remote teaching and learning.

  • Supported schools develop a digital strategy 

  • Supported schools to creatively overcome the barriers of accessibility 

  • Supported schools with specific edtech tools across the whole school and subject specific areas. 

  • Supported schools to improve staff workload 

  • Supported schools to enhance community engagement 

In this current phase of the programme we look forward to support you with 

  • School / College recovery 

  • Reducing teacher workload 

  • School / College improvement plans 

  • School / College resource management 

  • G-suite for Education (Google)