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Cheam Common Junior Academy with members of LEO Academy Trust

Cheam Common Junior Academy is a sponsored academy, having been graded as ‘Inadequate’ by Ofsted in December 2014. Maximising the use of technology was an integral part of the Academy’s school improvement programme from the moment it joined LEO Academy Trust in January 2016.

This was an essential aspect of professional development for all staff, as well as used extensively to support pupils and re-engage parents at a difficult time for the school.

Two years later, the school was graded as ‘Good' with 'Outstanding for Leadership & Management,’ by Ofsted in 2018. In 2018 and 2019, KS2 attainment progress scores were amongst the top 3% of all schools nationally. The school was ranked 54th in the country in the Sunday Times Parent Power 2020 in November 2019. The Trust has an ambitious digital strategy and Cheam Common Juniors has driven the use of technology not only in that school but also across the Trust. Approximately four years ago the Trust began it’s digital transformation journey and this has gone from strength to strength. The school is currently 1:1 with Chromebooks across KS2 and will be extending this into KS1 in September 2021. 

Overview of work done on the last phase 

Since joining the DfE EdTech programme back in April 2020, we  are delighted to have supported over 130 schools across the UK. During this time, the support we have provided to schools has varied considerably, based on the specific individual needs of each school. Support has ranged from working with schools setting schools and implementing with online platforms for teaching remotely, device procurement, but most importantly supporting staff with using EdTech to improve teaching and learning, back office functions and day to day administration. Below, you will see a selection of some feedback received from supported schools. 

Areas of support

Through the experiences that Cheam Common Junior Academy, together with other schools in the LEO Academy Trust, we are able and committed to supporting schools with a wide range of topics, including the following areas:

School / College recovery

Across the Trust, we have been successful at redesigning school curricular, focusing on recovering vitally missed knowledge, skills and understanding. We can also support schools with evaluating teaching and learning and considering what lessons from school closures can be used to continue to develop teaching and learning.

Reducing teacher workload

Through collaborative working, streamlined administrative processes and cloud based working, the LEO Academy Trust has been able to reduce staff workload, whilst also maximising and enhancing pupil outcomes, opportunities and experiences. We’d really enjoy working with schools to identify how they can reduce staff workload in an efficient manner.

School improvement plans

The use of technology is interwoven into the Trust Teaching and Learning strategy. When considering how, why and when to use technology, our focus has always been on using it as an effective tool to school improvement, not only for teaching staff but also the wider school community. As part of the EdTech Demonstrator programme, we’d be delighted to work with schools to review school improvement plans, integrating technology where appropriate.

School resource management

Through our experiences gained with large scale procurement, deploying 1:1 devices and managing complicated IT resource budgets, we are able to work alongside other MATs and schools, to review existing contracts, equipment and procurement methods, to ensure that all resources in school are fully aligned to delivering on the school improvement plan.

Securing an accessible and inclusive curriculum, including pupils with SEND and excluded pupils / students.

At the LEO Academy Trust, it was crucial that all children were able to access devices and so our 1:1 chromebook programme was offered to all pupils free of charge. During the pandemic, we ensured that all children had access to the internet by providing dongles to those who requested it. We strongly believe that EdTech tools, when used effectively, can provide SEND children with more independence and confidence and allow them to access a broader curriculum.

Raising standards using specific tools

At the heart of everything we do in the LEO Academy Trust is pupils' learning. In order to provide children with the best quality learning experiences, we use a range of cloud based tools to enhance teaching and learning. We’ve got some tried and tested methods for implementing new tools and are keen to work with schools looking to implement Google Workspace, Seesaw and other tools.


Areas of Support

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