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Brough Community Primary School

Brough Community Primary School is a school skilled in the use and demonstration of the Google for Education platform.

Project lead and Headteacher, Phil Cooper, is a certified Google Trainer and the school is a Google Reference school.  All the teaching and learning staff are skilled in the use of Google Classroom and linked apps and our school office blends both Microsoft and Google apps to run a virtually paperless admin service now.  The school also specialises in school-to-school support for similar small schools (we have 4 classes and approximately 90 pupils), knowing how hard it can be for small senior leadership teams to ‘juggle’ the responsibilities of strategic and day-to-day management.  

Brough is entirely cloud-based when it comes to data storage, office systems and all pupil and teacher interactions online – we got rid of our server two years ago!  The school utilises devices on a 1:1 basis for every pupil and ensures access to the Google platform at home with a loan scheme and bespoke provision of devices for Pupil Premium children.  

During the first phase of the programme we provided:

  • School-to-school support for the immediate need to upskill staff, in light of remote teaching;
  • Training and coaching in the use of Google Classroom and its best associated apps;
  • Help to staff in developing confidence with Google Apps and areas such as marking and assessment;
  • Guidance around what blended learning means and providied real examples of good practice in this;
  • Dedicated sessions with Google Admin Panel Managers, to ensure efficient safeguarding practices are maintained – management of passwords, YouTube, Google Meet, Browsing, etc. 

In the new phase we are able to support with:

  • Schools relatively new to Google that want to improve their knowledge and understanding of Google for Education;
  • Schools wanting to extend their use of Google for Education: what good blended learning looks like, updates to Google Apps, how to inspire your pupils and make an impact with Google for Education;
  • Reducing teacher workload through marking online, getting the most out of Google Classroom and utilising apps for efficient summative and formative assessment;
  • The development of progressive IT strategies and improvement plans, designed to make an impact throughout the school;
  • Advice on budgeting for and strategies to ensure acquisition of devices and improve IT infrastructures;
  • Providing support and advice on how the Google platform can assist in the provision of an inclusive curriculum;
  • Updates on what is new and what works well in the classroom – fresh and current examples from staff using technology on a daily basis;
  • Ensuring you have as safe a platform as possible – GDPR compliance and provision of training for managing safety features on the Admin Panel. 

And sharing our journey, from a 'Requires Improvement' school to 'Good in all areas', with technology at the heart of this.