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Britannia Education Trust

Britannia Education Trust includes Britannia Village Primary School, an Outstanding school in Newham, east London, and Royal Wharf Primary School, a newly opened school. All of our pupils in Years 2 - 6 have their own Chromebook, allowing them instant access to the internet and their individual Google accounts throughout the school day. (For more info, visit britannia.tech

We invested in 1:1 Chromebooks in 2017 and teachers were trained in the use of Google tools with many staff obtaining official Google Level 1 and 2 Educator Certifications. Staff became confident at using these tools in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning, and to reduce their workload. As a result, in 2018 we were recognised as a Google Reference School allowing external teachers and school leaders to visit us and see how we use Chromebooks and Google throughout the school day - warts and all! Since then we have welcomed hundreds of visitors from across the world, all coming to see how we utilise technology. In 2019, we were recognised as one of the EdTech50 schools. Now one of our strategic goals is to share our experience of using technology to enhance teaching and learning with other schools. 

During the previous phase of the programme, the support we offered to schools was primarily focused on remote learning. We led over 60 bespoke virtual training sessions for schools based on the EdTech tools that they wanted to implement in their remote teaching such as Google Classroom, Jamboard, Forms, Flipgrid, and many more. We also provided in-depth bootcamp training for schools who wanted some of their teaching staff to become Google Certified Educators, which involved 6-hours of training and a voucher for the online Google exam. We spent time with senior leaders, listening to their concerns and supporting them to come up with solutions on a range of issues such as how to conduct virtual parents’ evenings or how to measure the interaction of students at home. Each school was different and we worked hard to ensure we could offer support in any way that was useful for the school. 

During the next phase of the programme, we want to support schools to develop and implement a long-term digital strategy for how teaching and learning could be enhanced through the use of technology.  

With between 6 and 30 hours of support across the year, we can offer: 

  • Digital strategy meetings with senior leaders/decision makers 

  • Inset training designed specifically for your staff  

  • Google Bootcamp training aimed at recognised Google certifications 

  • Mentoring for Computing/Tech/Curriculum Leads 

  • Planning support for teachers during PPA 

  • Support with managing Chromebooks and Google accounts from the admin console 

  • SEND discussions 

  • Email support 

  • Bespoke time-saving solutions to reduce workload for staff at your school/trust