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Pheasey Park Farm Primary School and Early Years Centre

Pheasey Park Farm Primary School and Early Years Centre is a very large primary school in Walsall with an attached Early Years and Day Care Centre. It is the lead EdTech school of Elston Hall Multi-Academy Trust. Our vision is to develop a learning community where all children enthusiastically participate, excel and are proud of their achievements across the curriculum. We have the motto “Believe and Achieve” and we pride ourselves on promoting innovation and creativity and preparing our children for success in a technological world.


Our journey with educational technology

Our school has undergone a journey of transformation over the past six years. We have moved the school from a 'Requires Improvement' category to 'Good' with elements of  'Outstanding'.

We have successfully used EdTech as a catalyst for making these significant and sustained improvements and the last Ofsted inspection report highlighted our use of technology for learning. In 2020 the school was shortlisted for a BETT impact award. We are a SMART showcase school and one of only two accredited SMART training schools in the UK. A number of our staff are SMART exemplary Educators and Microsoft MIEs. The school has been recognised for its effective strategic approach to embedding education technology throughout all aspects of school life and it regularly hosts visits for other educationalists both nationally and internationally to share this best practice.

The school utilises a wide range of technologies, specialising in integrating large screen displays with student devices and utilising web-based software solutions. This strategic use of integrated technologies has enabled us to develop and support EdTech use in other schools.

Our approach to remote and hybrid learning

To deliver our remote online learning solution, we have integrated a range of web-based technologies centred around Microsoft and SMART. Our approach enables both live and pre-set remote teaching and learning opportunities. Staff and pupils access a range of digital tools and content via a safe and secure school portal built using Microsoft SharePoint. This portal enables the values, ethos and community of the school to be delivered whilst providing access to Microsoft Class OneNote to organise and distribute tasks to our pupils, Microsoft Teams to deliver live teaching sessions, SMART Learning Suite Online to structure, demonstrate and model tasks and Purple Mash and Education City for activities to consolidate learning. We have designed our SMART planning digital wrapper as one weekly interactive notebook file which integrates the week’s work into one document reducing teacher workload and improving pace of lessons. This allows pupils to learn and revisit work in their own time and at their own pace. We have loaned devices to homes with limited or no access to ensure equality for our children.

Our experience of working closely with our key partners SMART Technologies and Joskos Solutions to lead innovation and host professional development for our own staff and other schools, allows us now to extend our support for the strategic development of EdTech to a much wider network of schools. We are happy to help other schools develop their strategy for remote and hybrid teaching and learning using EdTech wherever they might be on this exciting journey.

Hear what we had to say during the regional launch of the EdTech Demonstrator Programme

Jamie Barry, Head Teacher, Yew Tree Primary School

All the staff at our school have been on the most incredible journey with the team at Pheasey Park Farm. They didn’t tell us what to do but worked with us to share and learn from their knowledge and experiences. Rather than ambling through our IT strategy, with the potential for making mistakes and poor investments, they supported us with the finer details of what we needed, including making our investments work for our students.

Elliott Hateley B.Ed (Hons) L.L.E, Executive Headteacher, Hill Avenue Academy, part of the Manor Multi-Academy Trust

Pheasey was the perfect partner to significantly improve our edtech infrastructure; saving time and money. They are our champion in terms of ensuring we were given the time, knowledge and resources to make the necessary changes.

Clive Jones, Executive Head Teacher, University of Wolverhampton MAT

The support, help and guidance was invaluable. We had keen and enthusiastic as well as knowledgeable staff but the extra support through Pheasey allowed us to access support as required. Perhaps what was most valuable to myself was that there was always someone available to help – to support in ideas, next steps, practical problems, developing clear vision. We are extremely grateful to colleagues at Pheasey who always helped and supported, they recognised that we had expertise and helped us to build on that for our students.