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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will it cost us to access EdTech support?

    This is a free service. The EdTech Demonstrator Programme is in place to support any publicly funded school or college in England with access to free, expert advice on educational technology. There is no cost to schools receiving support from the EdTech Demonstrator Schools and Colleges.

  • Am I committed once I click on 'Request Support'?

    No, this does not commit you to proceed. However, we would advise you to complete the 'Request Support' form as soon as possible to register interest.  We are expecting a high demand for support in the summer and autumn terms so please do register interest so that you do not miss out. We will be in touch to discuss your requirements further.

  • What happens after I fill in the 'Request Support' form?

    We will review your requirements and match you up with the most appropriate EdTech Demonstrator School or College. After that, the EdTech Demonstrator will contact you directly to discuss your requirements in more detail and develop a bespoke plan.

  • What if I am not clear on exactly what support we would benefit from most?

    Not a problem! The EdTech Demonstrator School/College will work with you to understand your needs and agree the type and amount of support. This could mean providing you with direction in a priority area for your school where EdTech would be a benefit; perhaps in recovery and catch up. Or, with more in-depth support such as adopting technology to support the wider aims of the school or college.
    Most importantly, EdTech Demonstrator Schools and Colleges use an evidence-informed approach and will support you to implement sustainable changes that will last.

  • Will there be an opportunity to collaborate with other schools and colleges?

    When you sign up to receive support you will be partnered with one EdTech Demonstrator school or college. You will also have the opportunity to join the EdTech Community from the autumn, providing opportunities to collaborate with other schools and colleges, allowing you to learn from each other and creating possibilities to work together in the future.

  • What if I am unable to understand the advice given?

    The EdTech Demonstrator Programme is a partnership between you and the EdTech Demonstrator School/College. All advice and support given will be collaborative and tailored to your needs. 

  • What kind of support have other schools and colleges received?

    We would suggest checking out the testimonials on this site to understand the breadth of support that has already been provided to publicly-funded schools and colleges across England.

    To date, EdTech Demonstrators have supported schools and colleges in a wide range of areas including training, infrastructure, technical support, how to enhance learning with the correct digital devices, platforms and apps; implementing the use of one-to-one laptop devices and ensuring they are used effectively; working with schools on their modelling technique and assessment strategies and how Edtech can help them achieve that.
    All the Demonstrator Schools and Colleges list their areas of expertise in their profiles here.

  • Budget is limited. How do we finance the EdTech approach that the EdTech Demonstrator recommends?

    The EdTech Demonstrators are there to help you get the most value out of your existing EdTech resources. They will also be able to offer advice on budgeting, how they have managed to implement their strategy within the constraints of their budget and what you can do to procure EdTech efficiently. The final outcome will be based on what is right for your school or college and based on both what you can afford and the capacity you have available to implement. 

  • How much or how little support can I access?

    There are three tiers of support, each offering a different number of hours. These can be agreed, depending upon the needs you have. The support can be:
    - light touch (6 hours of training over a term), 
    - medium touch (15 hours of training delivered over the academic year), or 
    - long-term support (30 hours of training delivered over the academic year).  

  • How is the support evaluated?

    An online diagnostic tool developed by ImpactEd (a partner selected by the Department for Education), is used for evaluation purposes.  This allows each school or college that participates in the programme to complete a survey at the start of their support period to provide baseline data.  The survey is then repeated after the support is delivered.  Access to a dashboard to show comparative pre and post support data and focus areas is available to help you continue your edtech progression.
    Some schools are also selected for interviews and focus group sessions with ImpactEd to help evaluate the wider benefits of the programme and provide both qualitative as well as quantitative evaluation data.  This helps inform future decisions about the programme.