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The EdTech Demonstrator Programme provides EdTech support and expertise to schools and colleges for both in person and remote education to help meet government expectations where pupil attendance is affected by Covid-19. The EdTech Demonstrators can offer short term support for those requiring more rapid assistance, through to longer term support on embedding technology and developing a digital strategy. Register here.

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About the Programme

The EdTech Demonstrator Programme was developed by the Department for Education to ensure schools and colleges across England could access free, expert advice on educational technology. The programme launched shortly before the Covid19 pandemic enforced an extended period of remote teaching and learning in the Spring of 2020. 

The programme is now in its second year and has evolved from crisis response to offer support to schools and colleges in developing digital strategies which make effective use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.  

Click here to view the launch event video which provides further information on the importance of digital strategy in addressing the educational challenges of the next few years. 

In 2020-21, 4,000 schools and colleges across England benefitted from support, with over 200,000 classroom staff and 2 million learners having been helped to implement and access remote learning. We are ambitious to match this impact in 2021-22. The EdTech Demonstrator Programme provides peer-led support delivered by experts who are teaching and leading in recognisable contexts. 

The network of 42 demonstrators is spread across England and schools and colleges will work with a demonstrator, based on the specialist nature of the support required. 

To find tailored support relevant to your needs, please register your interest by clicking on the button below. 


Added Benefits

Another benefit of joining the EdTech Demonstrator Programme is the EdTech Community - an online forum where you can ask questions, share experiences, and collaborate with other schools and colleges to share strategic advice, solve challenges and develop new approaches.

Support schools can access the community by clicking here

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